What do you mean by PPC Marketing?

What do you mean by PPC Marketing?
PPC (pay-per-click) is best tool to attract the qualified visitors which you needed for your websites.  PPC marketing is a one of the best form of advertising that is sub- category of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). It take long time to get approval form google and shows your website at the tops a particular search.  PPC allows you to say to Search Engines that “When my audience search for ABC – put my ads up” and within few minutes You will get in front of people who looking for the answers to the questions that can be solved by your product and services.


PPC marketing guides you to follow 12 steps

#1. Objective of Your Campaigns’:  This is a first step to describe your campaigns’. What is the main purpose of your investment in PPC ads. How will you commit to tracking the effectiveness of your target.

#2. Create a Customer profiles: Define you target audience and demographics. For Informational and Transactional intent what kind of language they communicate with you.

#3. Strong Research and flash keywords: PPC marketing campaigns are the driving force for research and the keywords must be selected very carefully like Brand terms, product/service terms, competitor terms and generics or related terms can be used and need to be given consideration.

#4. Setup Campaign: You might be steppe a campaign for product/services. Example like Google AdWords- http://adwords.google.com

#5. Focus on Organization: It will keep you organised by brand, products, services and competitor’s terms separated into different campaigns which will optimise your PPC efforts.

#6. Leverage specifics: In this Exact match, broad match, phrase match, location etc. are involved

#7. Add Negative Keywords: Negative keywords will eliminate wasteful ad spending. Your ad will not be shown by irrelevant searches

#8. Create Compelling ad copy: Make  catchy ads and add as many keywords as possible.

#9. Create Landing Pages on your websites: It is a main part of your homepage which should focus on one thing or call-to-action like promotion, sale, or New Product)

#10. Your Ads should be target: Your targeting strategy should use all types of keywords. Bid least for exact match, broad match, improve keywords relevancy and As per type and category organise your ads.

#11. Combine PPC with Organic SEO: You have to combine these two to take up more “search engine real estate” and increase your chances of conversions up to 70%.

#12. Trash, Evaluate and Polish your campaigns: PPC marketing is on going process which need to be regularly monitored, at least once a month for accuracy and relevancy. By using search term report, you can identify which keywords are best for your ads and your campaigns.


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