Steps should follow to Register your Startup with Startup India?

Steps should follow to Register your Startup with Startup India?
Startup is a young company that is beginning to develop. To build startup you have to register first. Here some main steps which you have to follow to register your startup with startup india.

# Step 1: Incorporate your business

First decide which type of startup you are going to incorporate as a Private Limited Company or a Partnership firm or a Limited Liability Partnership.  You must follow all the main procedures step by step for registration of any business like Obtaining the Certificate of incorporation/ partnership registration, PAN and other formality.

# Step 2: You have to Register with startup India
After incorporate your business Then it must Be to  registered as a startup with startup india. it is a simple and online process. you have to do log on to the startup India website and fill a form with details of your business and upload required documents.

# Step 3: Submit certain Documents in PDF format 
a)  You need to Submit a letter of recommendation along with the registration form.
b)  You must upload the certificate of incorporation of your company / LLP (Registration Certificate in case of partnership)
c)  you should give a brief description of the innovative nature of your product/service.

# Step 4: Answer whether you would like to avail tax benefits:
Startups are relieved from income tax for 3 years. But to get these benefits, You must be certified by the inter- Ministerial Board (IMB). Start-ups recognised by DIPP, Govt. of India can now directly avail IPR related benefits without requiring any additional certification from IMB.

# Step 5: Finally, you must Aware about the following conditions
a)  As I mentioned step 2, you must register your new company as a Private limited Company or Partnership firm or a Limited Liability partnership.
b)  Your business must be incorporated/ register in India, not before 5 years.
c)  Turnover must be less than 25 crores per year.
d)  Innovation is must for business to  new innovating product/services something  or Significant use advance technology.
e)  Your business must be innovative and acceptable, it should not be as a result of reconstructive or splitting up of an existing business.

# Step 6: Immediately you will get recognition number
After follow  above steps , you will immediately get a recognition number for your startup. The certificate of recognition will be issued after the examination of all your documents.
However, carefully upload your required documents. Later on your documents get verification. If you upload wrong documents or not uploaded required document at given time or a duplicate documents then you shall be liable to pay a fine upto 50% of your paid-up capital of the startup with a Rs 25,ooo minimum fine.

# Step 7: Other Areas
a) Patents, trademarks or design registration
Before registering your startup first  you need patent for your innovative idea or a trademark for your business. So that you can easily approach any from the list of facilitators issued by the government. It’s needed to bear only the statutory fees to get an 80% reduction in fees.
b) Funding
One of the main challenge is to raise funds from investors. Due to lack of experience, Existing cash flows and lack of experience startups are fails to attract investors.

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