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CuteVamp is a Web Designing Startup based in India and atlanta GA, USA. Founded in 2017, it provides web designing services across the world. We have been featured twice on Fiverr (gig featured). We have 750+ happy customers all over the world. Right now we are listed in top 10 (Tenth Position) in Web & Mobile Design category of Fiverr.

We are an environment-friendly venture. We have a small footprint on land (Just 72sq feet office) enough for 5 people. We have planned to use 100% solar energy to run our business. We use 95% fewer papers as compared to other traditional business.

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Founder Story

How and Why I choose Web Designing?

After completing my bachelor degree in Home Science and teacher training degree, I got married to a Web-Designer. I started my married life with my hubby Sumit. While looking after him, I noticed that my hubby spend most of his time, sitting in front of the laptop. One day I just sat with him to see how he works. That day I found him engaged in the web development process. The process enhanced my curiosity and interest to the next level. The following day onward, I started learning web programming. After a year's hard work, I could understand almost all boring web programming languages.

The training period of 365 days got me an eye (and brain too) of an expert web designer. While training I found the small-scale business owners craving for their website. They were overwhelmed cause big companies were over-charging and over-selling by misleading. Hence, I decided to help by setting up a startup. Using my skills, I started delivering good looking, easy to use, and mobile-ready websites at an affordable price.

Last year, I made over 500 websites, and 97% of customers loved my service. Many of them rewarded me with Extra-Cash as the creation helped them grow their business. The rewards and appreciation kept me motivated and as a result, I'm a Full-time web developer always ready to help small business owners to get online.

In April 2018: my husband and me decide to work together and take the project to the next level. We started hiring the skilled staff to make CuteVamp cuter and better.

Oh, by the way, I'm pursuing a happy married life with our daughter named, Alisha.
Postscript: 3% unhappy customers got a full refund.

- Renu Sharma

CEO Story

Danielle McCray, CEO of the Atlanta, GA office, cares deeply about creating world-class, useful and beautiful products that help people and make a difference. She likes to be involved at different stages of a digital project, from the seed of the idea, through to sketches, and helping our team put together our design and WordPress build.

Not only does Danielle have a creative mind, she is a nine year Professional women’s basketball player. Playing in the WNBA for six years and nine years professional in Europe. So whenever Danielle is not helping with innovative designs she is on the basketball court all over Europe.

Danielle skills and abilities has helped bring Cute Vamp USA team together and to a new level with our international clients. We continue to strive for new heights with our clients and make sure everyone is happy and satisfied.

Team X - People Behind CuteVamp
Renu Sharma - Founder CuteVamp

Renu Sharma


Sumit Ojha - Cofounder CuteVamp

Sumit Ojha


Ruchita - Finance Head cutevamp

Danielle McCray

CEO - USA Office

Sanjeeda - Manager cutevamp




Top 10 Rank in Web & Mobile Design at Fiverr

Gig Featured in Fiverr

17% World Domination

0% Hacking issue

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Information that does not make sense at all.

I'm not an expert biker yet I am passionate about bike ridings. I own the Harley Davidson 750cc. I don't miss any opportunity to ride with my hubby (Don't want to go longer as a solo rider).

My hobbies are traveling, music, talking about health and fitness (Just talking about not doing anything) and bike riding.

I hate loud noise, fake people, and slow internet connection.

- Renu Sharma


Featured twice on Fiverr

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