Wrong Colour Combination Website will eat your Sales

Wrong Colour Combination Website will eat your Sales
Good colour and its combination boost the sales on the counter part bad colours and bad colour combination will hamper the sales in competitive market.

In this modern era, Every business needs websites to capture the large market. Through website you can attract your audience or target customers for purchase.

It is true that 85% of shoppers based their purchasing on colour of website affect mood of the customers. The website colour choice should be emotion, motivates and other things of the business have a large impact to customers. Attractive colours on website will increase sales and also evoke specific emotions:

For example:

Red – It is the colour of power
Pink – very attract from young female democratic so on and so forth.
Blue – it shows trust worthy and cool

Every colour have different values and meanings. In website the right colour combination will generate your sales. For retailers or shoppers is the art of persuasion. Though there are so many factors that influence how and what consumers buy. I saw that almost 50% websites use red, yellow and black colour combination.

Someone mentioned that People buy more when there is red!! I don’t think so. Design your website with good colour combination by brand, product and convey message to target customers.

Psychology suggest that best practices by using colour tones, styles and schemes that resonate well with your target customers and visitors in a sense of quality and creditability. You are required to do simple market research on your part, Age od audience, type of product and service, taste and preference of people and quality of work; these are the factors to consider when choosing your colour for website.

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