Why self motivation is better  that other ways of motivation?

Why self motivation is better  that other ways of motivation?

Self motivation refers to the self empowerment or strengthening your own efficiency. Self motivation can benefit you grow and develop and achieve success without anyones help you can easily manage to motivate yourself time to time. meanwhile there is lot many methods of motivation but it is a way better than other motivating techniques due to the following reasons:

1. It is easier than other methods of motivation and you can do it anytime.

2. Fastest method of motivation because getting motivated by others will require a procedure or you need to meet with others but self motivation is done when you want.

3. You know yourself much better than others so it become very easy to maintain the mistakes of yours.

4.  You can do it gradually day by day it will be very easy for you to maintain yourself and improve yourself on daily basis.

5.  You can also notice the changes in yourself that what are the improvements in you and what are those things on which you have to work little more.

6. You will not feel shameful to change anything in you other than dealing with your mistakes in front of anyone.

7.  You get to know about yourself more by doing the process of self motivation , it will help you to concentrate your qualities more.

8. You will not repeat such mistakes again because you will be able to know that what can happen with that mistake.

9. It will take your fuller Contribution in improving your own self you will know your worth and value it in future.

10. You can become a good motivator, firstly starting it at your self.

So by the following ways it is concluded that the process of self motivation is much more effective and benefit for everyone and you learn a lot of things by doing self motivation, so you should keep uplifting your confidence gradually and improve yourself until everyone is satisfied with your efforts.

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