Why New Startups are better than MNC’s for Internship?

Why New Startups are better than MNC’s for Internship?

Learning, experience is the personal choice of Internee. He or She can be a part learners if one adopt internship in startups because startup is a new company setup with young entrepreneurs with no or less prior experience and they tend to learn and teach their employees and internees.

On other hand MNC’s are large or small scale companies with great experience of work and knowledge. Their work and dedication go in a flow. They get minimal time for their internees. Owners won’t be able to be part of internee’s work.

It is always better to choose a startup for following reasons:-

# Value of Hard-work, Ownership and self- sustainability
It may be more important than any other benefit of working at a startup is the realisation that hard work, creative thinking and learning are worth a whole lot.

# Recognition
working for a big corporate means an employee’s hard work might get up recognised for the majority of the time especially at a junior level position. While at a start one will receive instant recognition because everybody, including the company itself, is working in an entry- level position. The work your do in Startup will help to build the company cn never go unrecognised.

# Learning experience from Innovators
 people who start their own business have a different mentality and professional makeup than those who have Never gone off to create something or their own. Most startups with of people and thus there are ample opportunities for one to get to know the coworkers on a personal level. Startup environment promotes a team spirit, creating a bond with every person – from the founders to the interns.

# More responsibility
working at a startup probably means you are a part of small team, most likely in the single digits. The skills that one might develop and the knowledge that one might acquire in few months of working in startup are far more than one can learn in years in corporate.
Hence a person with a great goal and ambition tend to select a challenging nature of work to flourish and settle in life.

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