Why Local SEO is so Important for Startups?

Why Local SEO is so Important for Startups?

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. Local SEO is definitely different from regular SEO. The purpose of SEO is to get high ranking with a keyword on search engines to become more visible to particular target audiences. On the other hand, local SEO makes your website highly visible to the local audience.

Not only is local SEO important for search engine like Google it can also improve your company’s listings on business directories such as Yelp, Foursquare, Superpages, etc. there are several reasons for which local SEO plays a major role in startups most important are as follows:-

    1. Pulls the target customer towards customers or inhabitants. These people are well-read by local SEO about their needs & demands, nature of buying, etc. for which services are provided.
    2. Positive reviews from local customers can attract new customers:  in this, not only happy customers order, buy and use your’s services but also voluntarily work as advertisers. It serves a two-way purpose.
    3. Longterm Relationship with customers: local SEO as mostly concentrate on locals it leady to very long term relationships. This also reduces the cost of advertisements

Good relation in business is the most important factor which serves the all-time purpose of a profitable business.

Hence, local SEO plays the most important role in startups as he/she reads the minds of their customers.

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