Why LinkedIn is so important for students

Why LinkedIn is so important for students

LinkedIn is a social network to make a person professional. It is the most important tool for your profile. It is the most common platform for finding and providing jobs. LinkedIn is ideal for building connections for freelance work, a customer base, potential partners, or simply to keep your job prospects open. Here are some points mentioned below which gives us a proper reason to make LinkedIn profile.

  1. Professional resume :-It is the medium to know about a student and his skills and knowledge. So basically it works as a professional’s resume.
  2. Personal development: – It builds your personal and professional development and presents you in a professional manner.
  3. Presentation:-It is a platform for helping students to prepare for interviews and presentation.
  4. Connective: – LinkedIn is helpful for getting professional alerts and recommendations and keep you connected.
  5. International jobs: – It is also beneficial for those students who have desire to work with foreign courtiers.
  6. Social: – It is the most effective way to make you more linked with the social environment.
  7. Sharing: – You can share all the alerts and recommendations with others.
  8. Internship: – Students can take benefits via a solid LinkedIn profile.
  9. Career paths: – A student can search for his/her further career paths through LinkedIn and they can also incorporate their skill with the required qualities.
  10. Group joining: – A LinkedIn profile is helpful in maintaining

group connection with others by joining groups.

“This is how a LinkedIn profile looks like”

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