Why HR manger Can’t change Company Culture by itself?

Why HR manger Can’t change Company Culture by itself?
A good relationship between culture and employee or leadership is evidenced for Organisational success. According to organisational goals and strategy the culture, leadership must be changed intentionally. This is made for commitment, customer satisfaction and new innovation.

HR Manager are plays an important role to maintain culture for Organisation. When a change occur in culture it be an crucial and exciting project for HR. HR’s are not only have sole responsibility but also every employee must make changes according to culture. This leads to HR to do something more for employee or leadership in organisation. changing culture of organisation is not made through bad intention or lack of belief, it could be done for competing priorities. Business leaders must official responsibilities to move culture change to top of their agenda.

Changing culture means altering the way the organisation lives and breathes. It shapes people the way they make decisions, their priorities, how they done their work, interaction with colleagues, customers and clients. It’s really get successful and powerful when business leaders take it as their responsibility and see HR as helping to resource to achieve it.

HR managers can  change executives culture successfully by doing four things:

#1. By convincing leaders 

Mostly a culture change upon the organisation when have force in Market circumstance and rigorous internal. this disbelief is justified, as there are many information of culture change will not transparent all the talk or it not Turing out well. HR can change the culture by help of sharing examples of with their long term strategic objectives, proactively and positively driven culture change in line for organisation.

#2. Facilitate conversation the research phase
In order to move from existing culture to achieve desired future culture. Often we spend a lot of time, deciding consultation and facilitate conversation for future culture, but we not have enough time for tangible and meaningful understanding of exiting culture.

#3. Tell your employees to change it
To influence culture we can’t assume business leaders know how to do it. Some may already have expertise, while others find that somewhat it comes instinctively. Even for the most senior leaders it be a new and uncertain path for them. Employees must understand the new culture and teach them to change according it. Make them realise that the existing culture is not suitable for their skills and not able to achieve success.

#4. Have a Formal “Handoff” to employee’s
When the time comes to sift from existing to future then start making changes to alleviate the new culture. At very top business leaders should influence a clear message that ” the New project is not for HR , It’s yours”, HR is there only for help, support and make the change.

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