Why government job is better than private job?

Why government job is better than private job?

Government employees are very lucky and benefited nowadays because nothing is better than being a government employee. there are so many departments to join and for working and showing your skills and talent but the besets opportunity we get if we become a government employee. it is better than other departments because:

1. They give their employees fixed salary it is not like other sector that they can cut your salary anytime so their should not be any worries about the money.

2. They have fixed timings for working unlike other sectors which increase their employees working time according to the need and work load.

3. They have norms for transfer also but other sectors are fixed placed the employees have to come to office according to the company’s place but government sectors have their branches in different regions so the employees enjoys the flexibility of working area.

4. Promotion is also given in government sector after a fix time period but in other sector this service is given to employee at very rare chances and after a long time.

5. Only government jobs give job security other sectors can through you put anytime according to the situations from the company.

6. It gives a sense of responsibility while working in a government department because it is much secured and you have to submit your working details daily.

7. You contributes to society and national income when you work as a government servant.

8. You will learn a lot many things while working in a government sector.

9. You will get more connected by the society and government as a government employee because all the Normas and regulation which you have to follow are made by the government.

10. You will feel more safe and secure and can also get benefits after your retirement from the job such as pension etc.


These 10 points make sense that government job is much more beneficial than other working departments and can give you more than other sectors so being a government employee is better than other’s servant.

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