Why digital marketing is more effective than traditional ways of advertising

Why digital marketing is more effective than traditional ways of advertising

Digital marketing is the process of marketing and advertising a business with the help of technology or through online medium. It is a way of making your business common to people. Through Digital marketing you can deal and respond online. Digital marketing is more beneficial over other advertising processes such as newspaper advertising. Here are some reasons mentioned below:-

1. Most effective and fastest way of advertising Less effective and slow process.
2. The minimum amount of investment is very less with respect to any other method of advertising The minimum investment is very high in respect to modern method of advertising digitally
3. It have a global reach. It is bounded by a particular area.
4 Measureable outcomes and feedback. Responds cannot be measured.
5. The payment made/ROI by customers for watching digital advertisement is performance based or not fixed. The payment made/ROI by customers for traditional ways are fixed
6. In this you can target your particular customer In traditional way you cannot focus or attract your particular customer
7. Analytics is possible easily Tough to analyze
8. It give rise to developing your brand It is less engaged in developing brand
9. It covers majority of population It do not covers the majority of population
10. Applicable and helpful for all kinds of business and every stage It varies according to the business size and the stage of business.


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