What is SSL and why it is necessary?

What is SSL and why it is necessary?

Do you know what SSL protocol is?
Do you know what happens when you visit any website that is not SSL secured?
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What is SSL?

1. SSL is called as Secured Socket Layers.
2. It is used to protect the connection between two machines that are connecting through internet.
3. It is done by ensuring that the private data that is transferred between the users and sites or between two systems becomes impossible to read.
4. It uses an encryption algorithm which scrambles the data that prevents the hackers from reading while it transmits over the connection.

Why SSL is necessary?

In this modern world hackers are so skilled that they can easily interfere with the private information that the server is sending to the web browser or can hack any online transaction easily. Hence, SSL is a very important protocol to prevent these types of hacks.

Many online businesses uses SSL protocol to protect their customers to ensure their online transactions remains confidential. An encrypted web page (SSL secured web page) is very necessary when users submits confidential data, like personal information, passwords, or credit card details.

Method to check the website that you are using is SSL secured or not

When you visit a website, in the address bar it is written http:// then the name of the website. This means that the website you are using is not secured by SSL protocol.

But when you see a lock and https:// instead of http:// besides the lock (all in green colour), it shows that the website is secured by the SSL protocol and there is nothing to worry about.

Writer: Mr Kaushal Vijay Singh Chauhan