What is Placement and Induction?

What is Placement and  Induction?

In this article, Placement and induction have different definitions. Almost placement were done in colleges or in a company  follow by recruitment process whereas induction is a introducing work place and responsibilities followed by an employee.


the determination of the job to which an accepted candidate is to be assigned and his assignment to that job. It involves assigning a specific job to each one of the selected candidates. It is not simple as it looks, it involves striking a fit between the requirements of a job and the qualifications of a candidate a fit between the requirements of a job and the qualifications of a candidate. The main objective of placement is that it reduces employees turnover, absenteeism, accidents and dissatisfactions.

It is also defined as the internal filling vacancies in organisation distinguished from external recruitment. It involves assigning specific post to each selected candidates.

Placement is benefited to gain an motivated, intelligent, getting resources with having valuable skills, cost effective labour, knowledge and fresh ideas.

Significance of placement

  • Morale of a employee it improves
  • It helps to reduces turnover of employee’s
  • It helps in reducing Absentees of organisation
  • It helps the candidate to work as per predetermined objectives of the organization.
  • It helps to avoid the misfit between the job and the candidate.

Induction/ Orientation

it is introducing the new employee to work surrounding and people already working there. Orientation is a systematic and planned introduction of employees to their jobs, their co-workers and the organization.

The main objective is to reduce the initial anxiety which all new entrants feel, when they join a new job in a new organization. It is to familiarize the new employees with the job, people, work – place, work environment and the organization. The purpose is to reduce startup costs (associated with job learning).

There are two types of induction : formal induction and informal induction.

  • Formal induction: it is a planned programme carried out to integrate the new entrant into the organization.
  • Informal induction: in this system, the immediate job supervisor conducts the induction programme for the new entrant. It briefs the new comer about the job, department, routine , introduces to the colleagues and various sections.

Effective induction needs good reception when receiving the new employee and fining the needs and doubts of new employee. Proper and good presentation about the company and work culture.

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