What is negotiation?

What is negotiation?


It the action or the process of transferring the ownership of a document. We can also say it is the method by which people make or settle differences.

There are different stages of negotiation:

  1. PREPARATION: Before any process there must be everything prepared for getting the idea more clearly.
  1. DISCUSSION: During this stage, a person should discuss his plan to resolve the issues and to make it more effective.
  1. CLARIFICATION OF GOALS:  If the goal and vision are clear the work and process will be very effective.
  1. NEGOTIATE TO ACHIEVE A WIN-WIN RESULT:  In this stage you must focus on negotiating towards attaining outcome in a win-win condition in which both the parties will be satisfied.
  1. AGREEMENT: Agreement can be made after satisfying both the parties and making the views common from both sides.
  1. IMPLEMENTATION OF COURSE OF ACTION: It is this the stage of performing action here actually the work is being done by the parties or they take steps toward implementing the action.

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