What is meant by creativity behaviour?

What is meant by creativity behaviour?

Creativity behaviour is defined as the tendency to generate or recognise ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems,, communication with others, and entertaining ourselves and others. Creativity is the ability to come up with new ideas and to identify new and different ways of looking at a problem and opportunities.

A process of assembling ideas by recombining elements already known but wrongly assumed to be unrelated to each other. This definition has several key elements that are worth considering:

Process: Creativity is also a process(implying, among other things, that it is more like a skill than an attitude, and that you can get better at it with practice).

Ideas: Creativity results in ideas that have potentials value

Recombining: The creative process is one of putting things together in unexpected ways.

And there are three reasons why people are motivated to be creative and want to convert their creative idea into a business and make money, those ideas are:

  1. Need for novel, varied and complex stimulation.
  2. Need to communicate ideas and values.
  3. Need to solve problems.

This is the whole definition of creative behaviour of or being an entrepreneur which every entrepreneur must have while dealing in the situation of converting the creative idea into a meaningful and profitable business this easy process is the most helpful and beneficial process for every entrepreneur.

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