What is Intrapreneurship?

What is Intrapreneurship?

Intraprenuership is a step towards entrepreneurship, because Intrapreneur use their creativity for enhancing existing goods and services and filing greater needs in the marketplace.Utilising these skills, where the safety of a company lets the entrepreneur test theories and determine which methods are most effective for solving problems.

Pursuit of an opportunity from within a company an organisation beyond the resources currently controlled.

A person within a large corporation who takes direct personal responsibility for turning idea into a

  1. Profitable: Being an intraprenuer is a profitable task for every person, you can easily generate profit by working hard with available resources.
  2. Finished product though: As an intraprenuer let the available resources convert into finished product with the help of the available resources.
  3. Risk taking: An intraprenuer is a person who must have to take and face the risk of the business but where there is risk there is profit, so it becomes profitable after some time.
  4. Innovation: An innovative mind is required for utilising the resources available with and to convert it into a finished good and to make money.

So this way a intrapreneur can make money by putting efforts and without risk and all resources available with him. So it’s a great idea to learn and earn.


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