What is entrepreneur development program?

What is entrepreneur development program?

Entrepreneurial Development Program(EDP) EDP may be de ned as “a programme designed to help an individual in strengthening his entrepreneurial motive and in acquiring skills and capabilities necessary for playing his entrepreneurial role effectively”.


  1.  Choose the appropriate training method.
  2.  Develop and arrange the course content by analysing needs and stating outcomes.
  3. Achieve training objective.


1. To identify and train the potential entrepreneurs in the region.

2. To develop necessary knowledge and skills among the participants in EDPSs.

3. To impart basis managerial knowledge and understanding.

4. To provide post-training assistance

5. To develop and strengthen entrepreneurial quality and motivation

6. To know the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur.

7. To analyse the environmental issues related to the proposed project.

8. To help in selecting the right type of project and products

9. To develop small and medium enterprises sector which is necessary for employment generation

10. To industrialise rural and backward regions

11. To impart information about the process, procedure and rules and regulations for setting up a new projects.

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