What is Emotional Quotient?

What is Emotional Quotient?
 An emotion is feeling of joy, sorrow, fear, love, etc. It refers to an employees ability and understanding of his/ her emotions and those of your colleagues.It is a form of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor self and other’s feeling and emotions, to separate among them, and  use this information to guide one’s thinking and action.

The Requirement is More that 50% of people lack motivation to keep learning and improving and 70% people does not adopt changes at workplace.
The Emotional Quotient is important to an individual to build and maintain a strong relation with peers and superiors in organisation. It will helps in build and managing team effectively for achieve common goal. It is directly link with performance and success of an organisation.

Dimensions of Emotional Quotient


#1. Intrapersonal EQ

Self realisation is important to know what goes inside as you experience day to day life. Self awarenesses is the ability to recognise and understand your moods, emotions, behaviour which drives as well as their effect on others.

Self regulation is another ability to get control and redirect riotous urge and moods to suspend human activity to think before acting.

Self motivation is a passion to work for reasons in order to achieve goal that go beyond money or status and a propensity to pursue goals with energy and persistence.


#2. Interpersonal EQ

What goes  your emotions between you and others. Empathy is your ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people. Social skills is a proficiency in managing relationships and building networks.

Carry the emotion with others and Understanding not only self but also need to know what others thinking.

Sharing or knowing one or more than one person emotions. As per team the manager as to understand each and every team member emotion and motivate them to achieve a common goal for organisation.

For a good team the most important factor is to understand and help each other. Motivates every member of team and have a good relation with everyone.

The skills what we expect from a manager are good communication, adaptability, initiative, personal Management, team work, Leadership, Academics and Motivation towards the goal.

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