What is Human Resource Planning?

What is Human Resource Planning?

Human resource planning is a process by which an organization ensures that it has the right number and right kinds of people , at a right place and at the right time. In other words it means capable of effectively and efficiently completing those tasks that will help the organization achieve its overall strategic objectives HR predicts the future labor supply or we can say human resources  (HR) Manager is responsible for maintaining the quality and quantity of human resource in the company or organisation.

A unit’s supply of human resources comes from:

1.New hires: When new people from outside are hired for a particular position in the company through the recruitment process that is known as New hiring.

2.Contingent workers: Those workers or freelancer who are hired on a temporary basis when required or in place of someone

3.Transers-in: When transfer of employees take place in between one branch of organisation to another branch  of the same organisation there planning must be done according to the position the are hired for and what type of work the have to deal with

4.  Individuals returning from leave: Human Resource need is fulfilled when some of the employee return fro long leaves as well.

So it is very important to manage and plan human resources and the sources from where we will going to arrange them in future. Human Resource planning must be done before any typical situation came so that they can be easily managed and the work goes on continuously without any issue.

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