What are the methods of online fraud and identity theft?

What are the methods of online fraud and identity theft?
Online fraud and theft creating a huge problems. Hackers are there in everywhere.  Most of us will have to experience at one time or another. Identity of theft happens when someone steals personal data to use illegal activities. Nowadays, It Mostly happens through Electronic platform. Online fraud comes in many different forms. Sending emails of problem occur on bank accounts and requesting information. Sometimes it is easy to attempts fraud.

Here a list of some of the most common methods of online fraud occurs

#1. Skimming
It happens at the point of transaction of money to one place to another. It mostly happens at a gas station, restaurant, or other business uses. Fraud use credit card scanner to steal your information and store it for later use.

#2. Smartphones Hack
At present smartphones are not very secure. When you make a call, installing apps, sending messages, send emails, someone may be monitoring those activities. Fraud can steal any data on phone with the right equipment or a malicious apps. They easily access your phone and steal your personal information for use illegal activities.

#3. Phishing
It is an attempt to get to share your personal information to others. It usually happen when someone comes in the form of asking emails for information of bank accounts and creating problem to your bank details or other professional entity. It can be happened in a pop-up on your computer or smartphones by saying you’ve won a contest, free world tour trips, or prizes. Their main goal is to get you one click on a link that downloads a virus to your computers that gains complete information of your devices.

#4. Breaches Data
It happen when a hacker breaks into a corporate or government computer to steal data. This includes information follow as credit card numbers, names, mobile numbers, addresses , Social Security numbers and more can grab.

#5. Lack of Internet Connections
We are connecting unsecure connections to our devices. It using an unsecure public wi-fi connection can also be a problem. Connecting bluetooth, hotspot
Might monitor your activity and gain access to your computer. So, be aware from what network you are going to use.

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