What an HR can do to reduce workplace stress?

What an HR can do to reduce workplace stress?

The Human Resource manager or HR manager is responsible for maintaining the quantity and quality of humans or employees in the company. Other than that he is responsible for after services such as all the taking care of employees of the organisation and to get them settled in each and every situation. So the key roles HR plays is stress removing of employees because sometimes employees get distracted and feel stressful so he can make them comfortable by:- 

  1. Communication: Communicating with employees helps them to get out of strife and  give them relief to work properly, as a manager its your responsibility to have  good communication with your employees.
  2. Knowing their problems: Anyone can have personal or official problems and it can be a problem for them so it is the responsibility of Human Resource Manager to ask what problem do they have and should try to solve it.
  3. Helping them to remove stress: HR manager must help employees to reduce workload and stress by giving them ideas and other little help.
  4. Motivation: Motivates them, it will help them to do work with more efforts and efficiency.
  5. Breaks: Take them for holidays or outings it will help them to refresh their mind and to reduce stress.
  6. Entertaining programmes: Conduct entertaining programmes time to time by that way they will enjoy their work and working place.
  7. Business environment: Provide a chill out working area that they will feel comfortable to work.
  8. Comfortable: Make the business environment comfortable for the employees and let them work in a comfort zone that they can perform well.
  9. Toys: Add funny things such as toys to your workplace it will be a source of reducing stress and burden and keep employees happy while working.
  10. Rights: Allowing them to take breaks and help your employees to reduce tension and stress and allow them to decide about the way of working and give them some rights so they get motivated and can perform well.

Through these steps a Human Resource Manager can help the employees to reduce stress and help them to rebuild their confidence and work hard.

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