Top 7 Tips To Choose a Domain Name for your Website

Top 7 Tips To Choose a Domain Name for your Website
Choosing domain name is same as choosing a company name. It requires a lot of Thinking and thoughts. Domain name is a your identity on the website. Always make sure that choosing a domain name that not only fits, but is also easy to find and promote your business on website.

To pick a perfect domain for your business must follow the steps below:

#1. Make it easy
Find a domain name which easy to type for your customers. If you use slang like short cut words or wording with multiple spelling like Express or Press, it might be confused your customer to find your website on google.

#2. Keep it short and simple
 If you choose a long and very complex domain name for your site, it might be mistyping or misspelling by your customers. So, make it short and simple domain name for your site.

#3. Use proper keywords 
Try to use a proper keywords to describe your product and services you going to offer. For example if you’re running an electronics repairing business, you must want to register as or It will help to improve your rank on search engines so that it increase traffic and just makes more sense to your targeted customers.

#4. Avoid numbers and symbols
Using numbers and hyphens are often misunderstood for your customers. They might get confuse. People who hear about your website address they will get confuse if you are using a number like (6) and it’s spelled out (six) or they may misplace a number or forgot the dash, hyphens. If you required this in your  domain name then register the different replacement to be safe.

#5. Do Research
Make sure that the name your selected isn’t be copyrighted, trademark or being already used by another company website. Copied domain name will result in a legal issues that will cost you a fortune and also your domain name. So, don’t forgot to research the value for your domain name. You can take help of GoDaddy Domain Appraisals which has access to extensive data that use to analyse millions of historical domain sales.

#6 Make it memorable
At present, there are millions and millions of registered domain names, So make sure to have a domain that’s catchy and easy to remember to people. Once you have chosen a domain name for your site then share it with your close friends to make sure it sounds attractive and make sense.

#7. Target area
If you’re running a local business which consider in your city or state than include to in your domain name so that it make easy for local customers to find and remember it. Example:

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