Top 5 ways to Increase Website Traffic via Social Media.

Top 5 ways to Increase Website Traffic via Social Media.
If you’re  started a business and put your business brand on social media platform on different networks, That time your mindfully filled with questions like:

“How do I get followers and likes on social media?”
“How do I get more traffic to my website and how I will manage it consistently?” And so on..
In this article, you will answer your questions.


The most important thing It will guide you in creating a profile on social media to increase traffic for your website. Nowadays, social media is the best platform to promote your business in a large market.


Pew Research center has done a study on social media usage between 2005 and 2015, it shows that in the US some percentage of people using one or more social networks ha increased from 7% to 65% a staggering. Social media is an important tool for business because people are connected and spend a lot of time on social networks, and this is a perfect medium for referrals and driving traffic to your website pages.


#1. Pick the right Social Media network for your business
When selecting the best social media network for your business, Make sure that choose medium is allied with your business objective. Use S.M.A.R.T (Specific Measurable, Attainable Realistic Timely) strategy to create measurable objectives. There are some social media channels which benefit your business like LinkedIn is the best option for B2B business type interactions, Google+ helps to increase traffic for your posts that offer values and Pinterest is all about the visual informative and relevant to your brand. Also, SlideShare can present even the heaviest and complex information for your targeted audience. It’s all about presenting your brand.


#2. Relevant post on social media
After picking your social media channel and fully filled out your profiles, The next important step will be created and publish posts. Everywhere you face competition and you have to do it better than them. Use your relevant skills for post like if you’re good at photography or a good content writer than sharing your thoughts and photos on your posts. In your posts add relevant visual elements (images, videos, gif) to get more views, shares, and likes for your post. A research said that Photos get 53% more likes, 84% more click on Links and 104% more comments than posts without any visual content on Facebook and Twitter.
Make sure that include relevant visuals, hashtags, short text, gif, links, post quotes and emoticons in your posts for more interaction with your audience.


#3. Find the best time to post on social media
The main problems occur at posting times. If you have huge fans and followers all over the world, There cannot be a perfect time for posting on one or all social media. This is very important because if you post at high traffic time on social media networks, more people will see your post and you will get better results. There are several studies state that claiming one or another time is better for posting. By using Post scheduling tools post your posts at all times of the day and Check which times and days work best for your brand and products.


#4. Make strategies to increase traffic on social media
Make strategies to double your traffic. It’s a simple idea that pays off if you do it in the right way. When you publish a post must uncle a headline, use lots of hostages and share it on all networks. Marketers always tend to forget that few people actually see the post when you share it. Make content that can be sharable to your followers. Including website material on social media, and social media channels in the footer of your website.


#5. Social Media Automation
Automation for your social media posts is a good idea. Choose the best automation tool for your posts especially when you want to analyze the results of a post at a given hour of the day or night.  Just publishing a post is not enough you have to interact with people like customers, references, peers, and friends. Respond to their messages, comments.

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