Top 5 stuff which can eat your team productivity

Top 5 stuff which can eat your team productivity

A Team refers to group of people who work together to attain a common goal. So for achieving those goals they must follow these five C’S to remove the hurdles of working together and can get better results.

1.COMMUNICATION: Improper communication can be the main reason for not having good relations among the employees. It can create differences among them.

2.COOPERATION: If your team members are not cooperative it means you (team leader) need to focus on them. If they are not cooperating with each other and their ideas so the techniques must be changed or all members must be guided properly

3.COLLABORATION:  The important element of getting better output is collaborating with each other must be there in every team. Every member must collaborate with the idea and ways of doing work. Sometimes it is better to put your heads together, every team member must have the quality to accept others ideas. Collaboration generally means mixing your opinions with others and working on it.

4.COORDINATION: No coordination means no success; every member must coordinate with each other. Everyone must be equally treated and taken together for all the projects. Every member must manage themselves with others and coordinate with all.

5.CONNECTION: And failure is when you are not connected with all the members of your team. Every member must be connected to each other in official manner to work together easily and for being in a comfort zone.

These key point are very important to maintain and to manage between a team otherwise they can eat your team productivity and decrease the manpower of your team.

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