Top 5 mistakes : web designer do in making landing-pages

Top 5 mistakes : web designer do in making landing-pages

In digital marketing, A landing page is a webpage which someone lands on after clicking an online marketing call-to-action.Sometimes the term ‘landing page’ is meant as a terminus page i.e., any page where website visitors land when they first reach your site. In this article, i go through the five mistakes where web designers do in making landing page:- 

Offering multiple products on one landing page:-  Recall, the purpose of the landing page is to avoid all  disturbance and have one call to action that people can take action. Many business have multiple customers, which makes marketing to them kind of tough.Web designer making mistake on landing page by promoting multiple products on one landing pages this will confuse your visitors.

Make sure to offer one product  and make it the best one. If you want to test out what types of products your customers is interested in, then you can create a landing page per product and track the conversion rate.

Inordinately- complicated forms: Sometimes, when someone visit on your landing page they are only in the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey. Web designers involving very complicated sign-up form in order to obtain that perk. Remember that your website visitors is automatically going to be protective of their information and that, at this point all you really need from them is a name and an email address.

If you unite a pop-up form on your landing page, ensure it only asks for these details.

Self- ennoble language: A landing page should be a masterclass in the art of conversion. Using self- aggrandising language  about how you offer whether that be content. Bathe down their language with too many adjectives or propositions just comes off an doubtful and brash. Which isn’t at all what you want to convey in  project. Use clear, concise language to reverberate with audience. Use strong language but not self- ennoble.

Crowded Design: When a users lands on your website, they usually scan the text because in our digital word reading is becoming lifeless. So, in few seconds of scanning, users are needs to know immediately what the offer is what it matters.Web designers fails to keep conversion- entered design in mind. the users won’t figure this out if the font is hard to read, the colours are rasping, the formatting is distracting or the headlines are competing with each other. For your website’s ,remain true to your product.

Improper color combination: This is a common mistake made by everyone who loves color. Web designers want to use more colours to create a certain mood, but they eventually end up with a insane landing page design that confuse the user but distracts visitors attention from the message. Successful companies use only a few basic on their landing pages. They use extra colours on the capture points to focus attention on them.

So, Always remember the main idea you want to convey and highlight the main things. Try not to distract the user from the target action.


Author: K Devika

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