Top 5 Entrepreneurial Development Programme in India

Top 5 Entrepreneurial Development Programme in India

“If you don’t take control of your career development, it’s highly unlikely that anyone else will!”
Derric Yuh Ndim

Entrepreneurial development programme means a programme designed to help an individual to develop his/her entrepreneurial motive and in acquiring necessary capabilities for playing his / her entrepreneurial role effectively. An entrepreneur makes use of the factors of production to the fullest advantage of society, create innovations, generate employment, improve the standard of living of people, develop backward areas, etc.

Some of the major institutions for EDPs in India are as follows:

#1 Entrepreneurial Development Institute of India (EDII)

The Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India was established in 1983 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  It is a national institute apex by public financial institutions and the government of Gujarat. It promotes research, training and institution-building activities by encouraging active participation of backward areas and special target groups in entrepreneurship. This institute has been operating for the past more than 18 years now. The development programmes in the institute serve as per the following objective:

  1. Speed up the Industrial development
  2. Increase the performance of small industries
  3. Development of industries in rural and underdeveloped areas
  4. Expanding sources of entrepreneurship
  5. Enlarging the micro, small and medium enterprise sector

#2 National Institute for entrepreneurship and small business development (NIESBUD)

In Noida, it was set up in 1983 as an apex institution in the field of entrepreneurship development to Promote, Support, sustain entrepreneurship and small business through training, education, research, and consultancy services. The institute body established by the Ministry of industry, the government of India for coordinating and overseeing the activities of various institutions/ agencies engaged in entrepreneurial development in small industry and business. The main objective of the NIESBUD institute are as follows

  1. To give essential information support to promoters, trainers and entrepreneurs
  2. To provide training and assist potential entrepreneurs in setting up a self entrepreneur ventures in small industries.
  3. To help entrepreneurs throughout training in organization/ institution and other entrepreneurship development related activities with greater success.
  4. To develop systematized materials and processes of selection, training support to potential entrepreneurs.

#3 Xavier Institute of Social Services, Ranchi

Xavier Institute of Social Services, Ranchi has been training rural entrepreneurs since 1974. This institute provides the training and assists the trainees in drafting project proposals and obtaining the required finance. It offers a 6 months programme to tribal with minimum literacy and numeracy skills. The program consists of:

  1. Identification and selection of candidates
  2. Motivation and Managerial Training
  3. Placement and training for practical skills.
  4. Market survey and preparation of project report
  5. Financial assistance
  6. Follow up action

#4 Madhya Pradesh Consultancy Organization Ltd

This Organization was promoted by all-India financial institutions and state corporations. It undertakes assignments for project planning, detailed engineering, market surveys, management surveys, and entrepreneurship development programs.

#5. Technical Consultancy Organizations (TCOs)

Access to high-quality consultancy services improves the operational efficiency of entrepreneurs. Various state governments in association with all India financial institutions have promoted various technical consultancy organizations to provide technical consultancy and training to prospective entrepreneurs. These organizations provide a comprehensive package of services to future entrepreneurs.

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