Top 3 Reasons behind not getting approve for Google AdSense.

Top 3 Reasons behind not getting approve for Google AdSense.

A common question, why Google AdSense rejected my application? there are ample number of reasons the Google AdSense rejecting. it is very hard to get approve for Google AdSense. This is the most popular way to earn money from your online content. if you have a good content and want to advertise in google. it only needs a publisher for your content to get approval from Google before start showing advertisements on their site. In earlier days, it was so easy to get it approved but at present it made tough to get approval from them followed by various reasons:

Reason #1 : No top-Level Domain and Matching Personal Info
In order to get acceptance from Google Ad Sense. publishers’ websites and your application information must satisfy following steps:

  1. website must  have on top-level domain example. Subdomain or directly URL are not acceptable by google. So make sure you have premium / top level domain name. Example:
  2. provide some accurate personal information in your application, that have to match the information given on your domain registration.
  3. your website must have original content which should not be copied or rewritten by other websites. it also must comply with Google AdSense.
  4. if your website follow above criteria and satisfies it then GoogleAdSense will accept your approval.

Reason #2:  Low Construction
In order to evaluate your website’s eligibility, Google AdSense wants websites to be launched and navigable before being consider for the AdSense program. Before reviewing your site, it will found many of your site’s pages are duplicate, incomplete or under construction.

Reason #3: Not having a Quality Traffic
if your website has follow with some errors then their will be no quality traffic, this leads that Google AdSense do not accept into their program. websites must have chat sites, sites that drive traffic through cyber squatting and site with use excessive keywords in the original content or number of their pages.

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