Top 10 ways to Promote your Website on Online Platform for Free

Top 10 ways to Promote your Website on Online Platform for Free
In this world nothing is free, so You have to invest at least some time and effort to promote your site. And time is equals to money.

However, If you’re looking ways to promote your website online without spending any cost, Here some ways you can follow

#1. Create a blog
If you don’t have a blog than create it as soon as possible. You have no idea what you have been missing in your site. Everyone knows content is king and it have an ability to deliver new, fresh, interesting and engaging content to potential visitors. It is crucial for any organic SEO success.

#2. Invite guest authors for your blog
If you’re getting other people to write a content for you then it will save your time of writing an article by own. That time you will able to promote your website. In most cases, Some guest authors promote their own article in various channels, it means getting free promotion. You need to find guest authors by search for relevant bloggers and contact them or if you already have established website with community of its, You can offer your community to participate in blog posting.

#3. Active in other blogs
Most of blogs allows visitors to make your name on the comment appear as a link of your website/blog. By commenting on relevant blogs in most cases it bring targeted traffic to your website and Influence your existence among visitors. Share your link on comment box of other blogs if they allow. Some of these blogs are to be followed and commenting in them will provide benefit to SEO.

#4. Link relevant content in your blog posts
Adding links of relevant sources on your content it shows additional value for the readers. Track your visit statistics and referral sources on your website. Some of them might be link back to you in some cases where some websites have automated systems of showing track backs to their articles. This way you will raise awareness of your existence.

#5. Create a Facebook profile (page/ groups)
Facebook is best social network tool to promote your website So, that you can use in order to bring some targeted traffic to your website. You should try to attempt to create  effect of viral marketing when dealing with social network like Facebook. Create pages and groups and invite users to add. The purpose of group is to direct traffic to your website and people get purchase of your product and service.

#6. Create a Facebook Application
Facebook Applications tend to create even bigger viral marketing then Facebook groups or pages, especially if you Know how to play cards. Make something interesting, cool and fun that most people get attracted and they will love to share. Make a proper plan to get benefit from application.

#7. Create a LinkedIn group
Create a group in LinkedIn that concentrates on your entire industry. It need time and effort to add people into your group and once you built a standard community, It will grow by its own. If you succeed you will have an army force of your industries professionals at your disposal. You will have the ability to send emails to entire group and to make discussion featured.

#8. Post cool videos on YouTube channel
At present, YouTube is 2nd largest search engine in the world! It is a best opportunity to pull a traffic easily when you make some unique and cool videos. You should not try to put any commercial things on YouTube but instead of putting something interesting that might go viral. Must include a link to your website, blogs or sub page on your website into the sidebar.

#9. Use Twitter
It is another best tool to promote your website. Right now, Twitter is burning the web with over 2 million users! The ability to promote your website  vis twitter almost effortless. You should tweet relevant posts including images and good content , quotes. Do some research on how to use twitter in marketing purposes and how to gain more followers.

#10. Submit your website to CSS / design galleries
If you have good-looking website design, then  share it with the world. Some galleries really get popular and it could bring nice traffic for your website. There are also specialised galleries for different type of websites such as Magentique which is showcase of web stores made with Magneto commerce platform.

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