Top 10 social media platform to promote your business

Top 10 social media platform to promote your business
Mostly, Every businessman need promotion for their business. In earlier business man promote their business through advertising in newspapers, radio, television which includes high cost. At present, Social Media helping business man to promote their business with no cost. Social media  is a great platform for business marketing which helps to have direct access of your target audience and customers. It helps to engage people and meaningful interactions with all over world. It has truly changed the entire industry of advertising and marketing of businesses. Top 10 social media sites which helps to promote your business:

#1. Facebook
This is one of the most popular social media website, crow more than 1.5 billion active users monthly. This platform is great for a small business to promote their business who are looking to advertise their products and events.

#2. Instagram
This is the best platform to promote your business. Nowadays, Insta got equal popularity as Facebook had. It helps to eliminate clutter, and highlighting your brand in a very visual way. It is is push toll platform where you can share your posts on other social media websites like Facebook, twitter and Tumblr.

#3. Google+
The main fact is that Every social media websites are google products which makes it quite attractive. No Facebook, No Insta but google have a huge popularity all over the world. Google has also put in more and more resources into the platform. SEO values makes your business website more visible and popular to the audience and it a must use tool for every business.

#4. Twitter
Twitter is another best social platform to promote your business. Twitter values lies in your posts ability to go viral. When the more people share your posts and Retweet on your content this will help to attain more followers. Use lots of relevant hashtags and full description of product with good images will trend your posts.

#5. LinkedIn
If your business deals B2B field then this is the best social media network to focus on. This is professional social media platform where Businesses service providers, recruiters and job seekers follows. This will allow your business to target by industry, job title etc. Don’t think for sales first build your network connections to another professional business peoples.

#6. Youtube
This another very popular media platform and best tool to advertise your business with no cost. You can promote your brands with video content and ads by making short video with full of explanations. This can help with the subscription users or link to your website can convert single views into huge influence.

#7. Snapchat
It is an image processing application that has quickly got popularity. You can use this application for your business to share promo codes, demos or even partner with influencers where it can help to increasing your brand awareness.

#8. Pinterest
It is another interesting visual sharing platform like Instagram. In this you can pin images that will lead back to your website. It has 100 million users, just don’t ignore its marketing power. You can use this channel by good images to share. The best Quality images are likely to go Viral on this site.

#9. Foursquare
If you’re running small local businesses then it is best platform for promotion. It is a location where it provide “check-in” services that allow users or customers to influence the world that they are in your business place. Your customers can also share this info with their friends and users like yelp.

#10. Yelp
This platform known as king of reviews. Yelp has more than 1.5 billion  active monthly users. Your business must have positive reviews and ratings so that other users get attractive from your product and services. This site mostly B2C companies, Brick and mortar outlets, reviewers and bloggers. In this website your business mostly depend on the reviews and ratings which monitor customer feedback and response of your product and services.

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