The thrill of riding a motorcycle

The thrill of riding a motorcycle

Have you ever noticed that you feel different when you ride a bike?

Don’t you….?

I’m sure you do, Because Motorcycling invokes a lot of unengaged senses, compared to other form of transportation.

Yes, if you are at a starter level then you might be focused on riding rather than enjoying the senses on biking…


Interact with your environment

With bike you are more open to nature and connected as compared to car. It’s a perfect sphere of visibility with no overhead roof, no body frames to get in your way. You can feel the air, temperature, smell the moments. It open ups all the senses, making a great over all experience.

Interact with people

If you ride with a highlighted helmet, or your bike color is different, it always grabs the attention of people. I’m sure you must have seen people staring at your bike and talking.

It’s good to interact with stranger while talking a break, when you are riding long distances.



Speed and Acceleration is a thrilling factor especially when you are on sports bike, you can get the acceleration like a very few cars do.

Have you ever felt the acceleration on a car going 0 to 100 kmph in 6 seconds, how about experiencing much more when you are sports bike that can go 0 to 100 in just 4 seconds? It feels much, much faster on a bike.

At high rates of speed your body has adapted its perception to where you feel “everything” that is going on with you and the bike.


Lean Angle

Unlike cars, riding a bike requires you to manage traction, and lean angles and acceleration and braking forces all at once. So it significantly get you more involved then driving a car.

As an example, you just have to touch the brake to stop your car where as you have to apply the brakes of front wheel and back wheel, retain your balance at the same time on bike. So its much more going on when riding a bike.

When you are riding at high speed and you have to lean over in turns, this adds a great fun to the experience.


No worries in traffic jams

Being in India, Biking is much better then cars in traffic. We are having a habit on dealing with traffic every day. What’s more fun on bike is, traffic doesn’t stops you. You can squeeze in and it’s fun to go zig zap in traffic when cars are at halt and you are moving.

Safety with bike gear

Although it’s fun to ride at high speeds, you must take care of yourself first so that you can continue enjoying your ride.

The cold reality is that motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a crash than people in a car. sad but true…

First thing first, get yourself a good quality biking gear. Always were helmets, don’t think of riding without helmets because even a small injury on head can be fatal.

Enjoy riding, follow the road rules, and ride with safety gear…