Threats In E-Commerce

Threats In E-Commerce

A threat is an intention pain by object person or other entity that shows a danger to an asset. Every organisation must be facing various kinds of threats. To protect threat, management examine category which effectively protects information through follow policy, education, technology controls and providing training.

In E-commerce, there are two types of Threats : Nontechnical Attack and Techinical Attack.

NonTechnical Attack:
this type of attack uses a trick to deceive people into revealing sensitive information or enacting actions that compromise the security of a network. example like Social Engineering, it is like a one type of  nontechnical attack which uses social pressures to trick computer uses into compromising computer networks to which those individuals have some access.

Technical Attack:it is an attack pre-planned which using electronic platform i.e., Software and systems knowledge or expertise.

#1 Denial-of-service (DoS)
it is a type of technical attack of a website in which an attacker uses Advance software to send a  inundate of data packages to the targeted computers with the aim of overloading its resources.

#2 Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) attack
It is another level of DoS attack in which the attacker sends flood of data packets to the targeted computers to gets illegal administrative data by using multiple computers.

#3 Malware
It is a genetic term of Malicious software where there are number of factors have contributed to the overall increase in malicious code. The attacker uses mixing data and new connectivities with wide clueless user base.

#4 Virus
This is a common attack where everyone aware about this. It is a piece of software code that inserts itself into a host including the operating systems in order to pass and host program be run to activate it.

#5 Worm
It is a software program that runs independently consume the resources of its host in order to maintain itself, i.e., they have capable of propagating a complete working version into another machine.

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