The 14 principles of management

The 14 principles of management

Management refers to a way of treating your employees and staff or it is also a subject. When we talk it as a theoretical part which er can apply in practical life than here are 14 principles of management defined by Henry Fayol after years of research and study. These principles are the way to manage people and work of your business organisation.

1.DIVISION OF WORK: The first thing is to divide your work equally in the employees according to their qualities.

2.AUTHORITY AND RESPONSIBILITY: Diving a giving authority and responsibility decreases your workload.

3.DISCIPLINE: A proper way of doing every work better is being disciplined.

4.UNITY OF COMMAND: There must be one unit which should be guided by one person.

5.UNITY OF DIRECTION: A proper manager must take all of employees in one direction or toward compilation of one common goal.

6.SUBORDINATION OF INDIVIDUAL INTEREST TO COMMAN INTEREST: In the mind of each employee there must be a set and a common goal or we can they it is important to shift their priority towards group goal to individual goals.

7.REMUNERATION: Every employee must be remunerated for their work for and to motivate them.

8.DEGREE OF CENTRALISATION: There must be one leader to manage all the team members by this way employees will not get confused toward their goals and they will report to one man only.

9.SCALAR CHAIN: It refers to the way of communicating in working place that how to approach a person if you need to communicate with them.

10.ORDER: According to the principle of management there must be proper order to get work, to do work and to respond in a particular order.

11.EQUITY: All the employees must be treated equally and kindly to have a good working environment and for establishing human relation which will lead to better output.

12.STABILITY OF TENURE: It refers to the balance between the work performed by employees and services provided to them.

13.INITIATIVE: Every employee must be given a chance to suggest and experiment their ideas by this they will feel more comfortable and confident so they can work more effectively.

14.ESPRIT DE CORPS: It refers to working and developing employees as a team and motivating them to work together to attain common goals.

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