Techniques of Performance Appraisal of an Employee

Techniques of Performance Appraisal of an Employee

Performance appraisal done by a HR manager. it refers to Evaluate the performance, personality and potential of its group of employees. HR Manager have to appraise the ability, knowledge, Loyalty, leadership, Skills, Ability…etc of an individual. this should be done for improve performance and provide feedback to subordinates. It helps to increase the responsibilities and also analyse the training need of an individual. Not only HR Manager but also it can made by Superior, peers, customers, Team, clients, Friends and self.

Performance Appraisal Techniques

Trait Based Methods

Graphic Rating Scale: In this technique, the rating scale consist of  numerical values, Each representing a job related performance. the criterion should be dependability, output of work, attendance, discipline, co-operation with others, initiative and like other factors. HR Manager Rate the employee as per criteria.

Forced Choice Method: In this method the HR Manager or rater is forced to select readymade statements and rate them. The rater will asked to indicate which of the phrases is the most and least descriptive of a particular work. Add credit points by favourable qualities and deduct credit points by unfavourable Qualities.

Essay method: In this method the rater should brief about the employee in a paragraph. The rater is asked to express the favourable and unfavourable qualities of employee’s. Briefly describe in a paragraphs with a word limit. The limitation follows as highly subjective and supervisor may write biased essay.

Ranking method: This method is based on certain traits like ranking the employee by overall performance. The HR Manager have to evaluate the performance from highest to lowest on some overall criteria.

Forced Distribution Method: In this technique the HR Manager forcefully distribute the employee in some creteria. 10% of employees are outstanding, 60% are average and 20% employees will get 5% bonus while remaining will get 20% bonus.

Behaviour Based Methods

Critical Incident Method: A manager prepares lists of statements of very effective and ineffective behaviour of an employee. These critical incidents represent the outstanding or poor behaviour of the employees. The manager periodically records critical incidents of employee’s behaviour.

Checklist: it contains a list of statements on the basis of which the rater describes the on job performance of the employees.

BARS (Rating scale + CIT) : Bars represent a range of descriptive statements of behaviour varying from the least to the most effective. In the a rater is expected to indicate which behaviour on each scale best describes an employee’s performance.

Result Based Methods

Productivity measure: HR manager appraise  an invidual according to their productivity. This measure the productivity and output produced by an individual

3600 Feedback Method: it is a systematic collection of information and feedback of performance data on an individual or group, derived from a number of makes the employee feel much more accountable. An employee get feedback by the individual who interacts with them. The feedback can made by friends, family, self, Subordinates, Supervisors, Customers, Clients, Peers etc.

MBO (Management by objectives) : it emphasizes collectively set goals that are  measurable, tangible and acceptable. Setting the performance standard for the subordinates. The actual level of goal attainment is compared with the goals agreed upon. It involves establishing new goals and possibly new strategies for goal not previously achieved. It is a less time consume and effective cost.

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