Separation of an Employee from Organization

Separation of an Employee from Organization

Separation of a employee from Organisation, it means halt of Agreement or services with the organisation for any reason. The employee may be separated from the payroll of the company as a result of:

#1. Resignation
Resigning a job or position from company. Employees can Resign with some valid reason like they got a better opportunity or quite for personal reasons.

#2. Discharge & Dismissal
It is a drastic step and should be taken after careful thought. This can be done with the Supported or justify reason. Before discharge or dismissal the employee a company should give advance notice with valid reasons.

#3. Suspension & Retrenchment
Use command against the employee from assigned work or project to him/her. This is very serious punishment and it is given after proper enquiry. Retrenchment means an employee should get punishment from employer and they have to pay compensation according to agreed terms and conditions. They also have a chance to reemployment in that company.

#4. Layoff : In short period or long period of time discharge of the employee from a company

Types of employee Separations

# Voluntary separation
A separation that occurs when an employee decides to end up the relation with the employer for personal or professional reasons.

There are two types of voluntary separations:

Quits : A employee resigned from a job.
Retirement : the period of services end up in a company.

# Involuntary Separation
It occurs when an employer decides to terminate its relationship with an employee due to economic necessity or a poor fit between the employee and the organization.

There are three types of involuntary separations:

Discharge :  When management decides an employee is not fit in the organization, it takes place due to unacceptable behaviour or insufficient performance.

Layoff : It means the refusal, failure or inability of a employee. Any employer can separate the employee from organisations by portage of raw material, breakdown of machinery, accumulation of stock or for any other reason.

Retrenchment : It means on account of long period of layoff, the employer will discharge surplus workers or staff or rationalisation or automation of machines or any other similar reasons.

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