Responsibilities of HR Manager

Responsibilities of HR Manager

Human resource (HR) managers are involved with recruitment, training, career development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, industrial relations, employment law, compliance, disciplinary and grievance issues, redundancies etc.

  1. Recruitment and selection: An HR manager is responsible for recruiting a proper number of employees for smothering the working environment of the business and must select best and proper skilled people for better results.
  1. Orientation: He is also responsible for making them comfortable with the environment and making them understand all the policies and practices of the work.If their is any enquiry needed or any kind of
  1. Maintain good working conditions: An HR Manager is answerable for maintaining a good working environment and such kind of conditions in which an employee can sustain easily and work productively.
  1. Maintaining employee relations: HR Manager is responsible for making good relation between all the employees and must create better communication system among all for productive response. It is his responsibility to make good relation as well as good working environment in the company so that everyone can enjoy their professional life and work with fuller efforts and efficiency.
  1. Training and development: Training and development is a regular process for enhancing the personal of an employee and to motivate them. It is the responsibility of HR Manager to train the employees regularly and they have to take care of developing their skill and knowledge regularly.

Other than these HR Manager is also responsible of taking care of his all team members and also to keep them happy and comfortable. he must take care of the fact that his team members are safe and secure in the working area and they may not have any issue with other employees for safety etc.

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