Reasons for a slow website

Reasons for a slow website

Isn’t a slow website becomes frustrating?
Do you know what is the reason for the slow speed of any website?
If you want to know then continue reading.

Slow websites

Nowadays, everybody wants that their work finishes quickly. No one likes waiting for something for a very long time because it gets very frustrating and because this either they give up for that thing or tries to find fast alternatives.

A similar thing happens with websites also. Some websites take ages to load whereas some websites open up in a flash. Slow websites can be really frustrating for some people because they don’t like to wait. So, they move on to another website which opens swiftly.

Reasons for a slow website

1. Server Performance and location:
The server performance depends upon the web hosting you have purchased. If the hosting is cheap and poor then the performance will automatically go down.

Think of your website’s server as an engine and the user who visits your website is asking to start your engine. So, if the server’s performance is slow and poor, your website will open very slowly.

The location of the server also affects the speed of the website. If your server location is in America and some Japanese or Chinese visitor clicks on your website, then the information has to travel very long distance as first the request will get transferred then the information will get transferred. Hence the website will take time to load.

2. Extra large images:
The size and format of images have a very big impact on the speed of the website. If you have lots of images that are big in size then the website will take time to load. If you add images of heavy size, you are adding more time to the website to load.

The format of images also has an impact on the speed. Browsers JPG or PNG images very quickly and hence the website loads quickly. Formats any other than these will make websites slower.

3. Plugins:
If you know WordPress then you would be knowing plugins also. Plugins have their own file request, CSS file and some JavaScript to load.

So, if you have lots of plugins on your website then it will slow down the website. Try to remove unnecessary plugins and keep only the ones that are required. This will make your website faster than ever.

Writer: Mr Kaushal Vijay Singh Chauhan