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Freelancer Web Designer

We teach Web Design, Online Promotion and freelancing skills to make a Freelancer Web Designer. After this course you can start working as freelancer web designer

Web Design without programming

  • Landing page
  • Websites
  • Sales pages
  • Online Store
  • WIX Websites
  • SquareSpace Websites
  • GoDaddy site builder Website 
  • Wordpress (without coding)
  • Themler (wordpress + HTML)
  • DIVI
  • and much more...

Online Promotion

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Google Adwords
  • And much more....


  • Freelancing on Fiverr
  • Freelancing on Upwork
  • And much more...

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Please Note: Above Course details are information purpose only. We make custom-course (personalised courses) for each and every student as per their abilities and targets. Please contact us with your requirement to get personalised course details.             

Udemy creates knowledge. We creates skill.

Why We Are Better than Udemy?

Taking a course in Udemy is like watching A Movie,
Training in CuteVamp is like starring in one. 

Try to learning something by using udemy is technically a method of passive learning which just help to increase your knowledge... But CuteVamp's 90% practical and 10% theoretical (100 Times practice of each topic under supervision of experts) is purely practice based training program which creates skills. In Thomas Sterner's book, The Practicing Mind, he explains the key difference between practicing and learning. Here is his point of view:

“When we practice something, we are involved in the deliberate repetition of a process with the intention of reaching a specific goal. The words deliberate and intention are key here because they define the difference between actively practicing something and passively learning it.”
—Thomas Sterner, The Practicing Mind

Learning something new and practicing something new may seem very similar, but these two methods can have profoundly different results. Here are some additional ways to think about the difference.

  • Let's say your goal is to get stronger and more fit. You can research the best instructions on bench press technique, but the only way to build strength is to practice lifting weights.
  • Let's say your goal is to grow your startup.
    You can learn about the best way to make a sales pitch, but the only way to actually land customers is to practice making sales calls.
  • Let's say your goal is to write a book.
    You can talk to a best-selling author about writing, but the only way to become a better writer is to practice publishing consistently.

Knowledge ≠ Skill
(Knowledge is not equal to Skill) 

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What our students have to say?

Lucy Sombrano

Melvin Atoc

Natalie Aguas

Pete Aurillo

Marian Alcasid

Sherelyn Tenero

Macy Rizon

Abby Andres

Kenchie Omar

Pihu Sharma, Chandigarh - India

Janine Berdene

Khate Gutierrez

Sam Majestrado

Ella Rosales

Joverl John Anud

Ronalen Miranda

Angelyn Aton

Mieryl Retirado

Edd Harvey Maratas

Marco Gabato

Kristel Kaye Apa

We trained +100 freelancers all around the world with 100% successful ratio

About Instructor

Master Sumit Ojha have experience of making +2500 websites, +4 years experience in lead generation, 6 years experience in freelancing, and train over 100 successful freelancer all around the world.

Master Sumit make his training program after lot of research. His 90:10 (90% practical and 10% theoretical) ratio training program is a very effective way for learning web designing. Even non I.T. people can understand his course and successfully working as web designers. That's why master Sumit have 100% successful ratio in training, All his students are now working as freelancers and making good money. 

Master Sumit complete his Diploma in Web Design, and Diploma in Web Business Development and Marketing, Certified course of Customer Service Training, and Certified course in Web Page Development from Alison University (Parkmore, GalwayH91 E309, Ireland). 

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