Miss Pihu Sharma

Instagram Expert  - Student of CuteVamp

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Setting Up Your Optimized Power Account on Instagram

  • Choosing the Perfect Instagram Handle / Username
  • Choosing the Right Instagram Name
  • Perfecting your Instagram Display Picture
  • Optimizing Your Instagram Bio
  • Creating your Instagram Account Call-to-Action (CTA)

Creating the Ultimate Instagram Content Game Plan

  • Photo Licensing and Image Ownership
  • What to post on Instagram (Theme and Purpose)
  • The Best Times to Post on Instagram?
  • How to Post Media on Instagram
  • Increasing your Image and Video Exposure

Creating the Ultimate Instagram Marketing Game Plan

  • Identifying and Locating your Target Audience on Instagram
  • Verify and Expand your Target Audience
  • Promotional Strategy Spectrum: Sprint Vs Marathon
  • Successfully Promoting your Instagram Account Outside of Instagram
  • Connecting with your target Audience using Hashtags
  • Promoting your Instagram Business to Your Target Audience
  • Live promotion demonstration
  • Birds Eye Overview of the Instagram Promotional Funnel
  • Split Testing your Promotional Funnels to Increase Followers
  • Growing your Instagram Account by Leveraging your followers

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