Modern Approaches to Organisational Behaviour

Modern Approaches to Organisational Behaviour
“Organisational behaviour is the study of human behaviour within an organisations,” says Lynn Kalnbach.
The reality of organisational behaviour is to explain and predict behaviour within an organisation. By introspective behaviour in three different levels of influence – at the individual , group and organisational level – organisations can better understand performance in the workplace and improve interactions among employees.

There are mainly four Modern approaches to organisational behaviour as follows:

#1. Human Resource Approach
This approach is concerned with the growth and development of  people towards higher levels of competency, creativity and fulfilment because people are the central resource in any organisation. This approach helps employees become better in terms of work and responsibility and then it tries to create a climate in which they can contribute to he best of their improved abilities.

#2. Productivity Approach
Productivity is a ratio that compares unity of output with units of input. It is often measured in terms of economic inputs and outputs. Besides economic inputs and outputs, human and social inputs and outputs are also very important and can not be ignored for holistic and sustainable development.

#3. A Contingency Approach
It approach to organisational behaviour implies that different situations require different behavioural practices for effectiveness. Each situation must be analysed carefully to determine the significant variables that exist in order to establish the more effective practices. This approach encourages analysis of each situation prior to action. Thus, it helps to use all the current knowledge about people in the organisation in the most appropriate manner.

#4. System Approach
A system is an interrelated part of an organisation or a society that interacts with everyone related to that organisation or society and factions as a whole. The systems view emphasis the interdependence of each of these elements within the organisation, if the organisation as a whole is to function effectively. Organisation must also recognise their interdependence with the broader environments within which they exists. So, there is dependency on each other for achieving organisational effectiveness.

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