Meanings of Seed Funding and Angel Investors

Meanings of Seed Funding and Angel Investors
Someone gets confuse about seed funding and angel investors. These two are different investors who invest on business or startups. In this article, you will be know the exact meaning of seed funding and angel investor.

Seed funding

Seed funding also named as Seed Money or Seed Capital. It is mainly for an individuals who want to build start-up. Technically, This is a first round of investment where people have started using this term for a formal pre-series of first round.

The investors of seed capital often come from business owner personal assets or from family and friends. Even now seed money is accessible through the commercial route. At initial stages you will have a wealthy personalities  to take funds for business.


 Angel investors

These are the investors who invest in small startups or existing business. these investors are among from an Entrepreneur’s family and friends or they can be professionals. It is a type of funding investment usually a company needed in at late startup or early stage of operation.

Angel investors invest money on those existing companies  which already in profitable and needs more funds to start next step .They have huge network and helps to make more investment. they also reduce the risk of an individual  or a company by investing small amount in multiple companies.

Most of the deals they made on logical hunches like Match Product Market, Scalability of the idea and Founding team. they directly made investments into private companies by holding private equity. They often forms groups and pool their own money in the ventures then invests.

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