Is private job is better than government?

Is private job is better than government?

Yes, I do agree with the statement that private job is far better than a government job. a private employee is more confident and efficient of working and performing better than others. It because of the following reasons  described below:

1. It maintains standard and a level in the society as private employee.

2. It will let you learn too many things because in private sector you get chance to meet and greet with new people from different cultures and from different backgrounds.

3. It will provide you more salary than the other departments so it is a better source of income than other departments.

4. It can also give you other incentives than salary such as home and travelling facilities or may be some other benefits according to the atmosphere of the company or organisation.

5.It will help you maintain a standard of living and make your own goodwill in the society and you will be able to serve yourself in a better manner.

6. It will improve your professional as well as personal life by giving you knowledge, money and other facilities.

7. You can have a great future ahead by their help and their way of dealing with their employees.

8. It will make you more professional than other working sectors because in private sectors you have to attend meetings professional workshops and others things

9. It keeps on growing very fast and you will be able to develop and grow yourself as because it will let you to deal with lot many different type of things.

10. They have strong value than other working departments in the society and they maintain a good name and fame in the society.

So being an employee of private department can give you far better than working with other departments, so it’s good if you are working with a private company/corporation.

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