Is it good to Ban mobile in office?

Is it good to Ban mobile in office?

Mobile is the most usable gadget now a days by every teenager as well as working people but it is becoming a way of distraction for working in office properly so “yes”, it’s a good idea to Ban mobile in office due to certain reasons:

  1. It can be distraction for you while working and you may lose your focus because of mobile phones.
  2. It will not let you concentrate on your work and can also decrease your energy so you will not be able to work with your fuller efficiency.
  3. You will become less productive due to keeping your mind in two ways as in mobile and work both and you will become lazy also.
  4. It will affect your results and your performance can be poor because of it and can let you down in front of others.
  5. It will make a bad image of you in the company and other colleagues can also get disturbed by your regular and over usage of mobile phone or they may also start using mobile phones too much in office and the output can be affected because of it.
  6. It will give you stress and tension at your workplace and reduce your energy and power for working.
  7. You will get low grades and can be less productive for the organisation or it may become a reason that even company can through you out from it.
  8. It will divert your mind in two things and you will not be able to focus on work as well as mobile so you will not be able to manage your personal as well as professional life.
  9. It will affect your mental and physical health and most often on your eye-side can be affected by using so much mobile
  10. It will disconnect you from other colleagues and you can lose your personal behaviour with others by getting so much busy in mobile phones.

This way we came to the conclusion that mobile must be banned in every office for working with more concentration and getting better result, otherwise your image in the office can also be affected.

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