Is business environment is responsible for the output?

Is business environment is responsible for the output?

Performance is based on the efforts and efforts only works when the surrounding is supportive it means that the business environment is fully responsible for the output here I am mentioning some reasons that why it is must to maintain good working conditions: 

1.It makes everyone comfortable to work properly and with more efficiency.

2. It gives a positive vibe for working and a positive energy towards the work.

3. It boosts to the energy for working and makes you feel relax in the environment.

4. It is a way of motivation that when everything is properly managed you can concentrate on your work more.

5. It helps in increasing efficiently and building comfort level for working.

6.It brings good mentality  for putting more efforts on work and for focusing more on work

7. It makes a good image of the organisation in front of the employees as well as the outsiders and visitors and in the society also.

8. Visitors and other guests will also feel good and happy to work with such organisations who have a good working environment.

9. It gives a sense of learning and achieving something in life.

10.It prepares everyone for a better future and leads toward the success.

So it is necessary to maintain a good office environment to achieve success and get better outputs.

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