Savi Setia

Intern from CuteVamp as Manager

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  • We the undersigned do hereby proudly present this Certificate of Internship for outstanding honourable effort of Savi Setia, Anupgarh (Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan) 335701 For his successfully completing of Manager Internship at CuteVamp from 15 May 2018 to 28 June 2018 (45 Days)

Renu Sharma (Founder) with Savi Setia

Full Name: Savi Setia
Language known:  Hindi, English ,Punjabi, 
Father’s Name: Mr. Dinesh setia
Permanent Address: Near police station, 
main market, Anupgarh - 335701

Work Responsibilities during internship of Miss Savi Setia, RNB Global University.

  1. Taking interviews of freelancers on Skype video calls.
  2. Content Writing for firm Blog
  3. Making videos for firm youtube channel
  4. Stock Management
List of Blog posts written by Miss Savi Setia:
  1. 5 tips to become successful in life 
  2. What is entrepreneur development program 
  3. Why reading is helpful 
  4. What are the values of business 
  5. What is a business philosophy 
  6. What is technoprenuership 
  7. What are the dimensions of entrepreneurship   
  8. What is planning 
  9. What is recruitment 
  10. What is human resource planning 
  11. 5 ways to make money from facebook
  12. How to handle unproductive staff 
  13. what are the elements to become an entrepreneur 
  14. Describe the creative process of entrepreneurship 
  15. How to become an entrepreneur 
  16. what is Intrapreneurship  
  17. Difference between entrepreneur and intraprenuer  
  18. what are the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur 
  19. What is meant by creativity behaviour 
  20. what is social preneurship. 
  21. How to choose a domain name. 
  22. Tips to market your website   
  23. How to prevent online fraud  
  24. How to handle job stress 
  25. what an HR can do to reduce workplace stress
  26. Is it good to ban mobile in office?  
  27. How to check the focus of your office team  
  28. Is private job is better than government   
  29. Why government job is better than private job 
  30. Why self motivation is better  that other ways of motivation 
  31. How to convert your passion in business 
  32. How to convert enquiries into sales  
  33. Is business environment is responsible for the output 
  34. Basis problems of new venture 
  35. Define the working capital of business
  36. Which business resources are required for starting a new venture 
  37. How to manage credits in business 
  38. What is leverage analysis? 
  39. What is the importance of financial management in business?
  40. What are the objectives for financial management in a business? 
  41. What are the three decisions taken under financial management of business?
  42. How to improve your efficiency in business
  43. How to maintain good relation with your colleagues
  44. How a manager should behave with his employee
  45. How can a break help you to increase your working efficiency?
  46. How to increase confidence in life?
  47. how to make money from Instagram profile. 
  48. how to handle dishonest staff
  49. how to make money from your blog
  50. How to focus on work
  51. principle of management
  52. Top 5 mistakes hr manager do while hiring a new employee
  53. Responsibilities of hr manager
  54. What is the difference between economic growth and economic development
  55. Explain the concept of economic development  
  56. Explain the concept of controlling
  57. Difference between pert and cpm 
  58. Define forecasting and its type
  59. Define communication and its type 
  60. Competitive strategies of market leader
  61. Benefits of registering trademark for your company
  62. Barriers in startup
  63. 5 ways to get success in fiverr
  64. 10 tips to become a better manager
  65. Top 5 stuff which can eat your team productivity
  66. How to choose a good company for internship 
  67. Consider the positives of a manager
  68. 5 tips for time management 
  69. 5 ways to make office environment productive and stress free 
  70. 5 tips for time management in startup
  71. 5 tips for staff management in startups
  72. 5 mistakes while writing articles. For business blog
  73. How to manage interns in your company            
  74. 5 benefits of having good friends
  75. What is negotiation
  76. Stipend v/s non stipend 
  77. 5 schemes for women startup in India only 
  78. Process of controlling
  79. Principle of controlling
  80. On what you should focus while signing a non disclosure agreement  
  81. Measurement of economic growth
  82. Meaning of underdevelopment 
  83. Importance of controlling in life 
  84. How to make your article content more effective 
  85. How to choose brand name 
  86. How natural resource impacts your business 
  87. How Facebook killed Orkut
  88. Getting small entrepreneurs online 
  89. 10 reasons why entrepreneurs must have website
  90. Why digital marketing s more effective than traditional marketing
  91. Why LinkedIn is important for students
  92. Management v/s leadership 
  93. 10 plus points for small business having website 
  94. Staff v/s team members
  95. 10 ways to make your team productive
  96. Hr manager “asset or liability”? 
  97. Difference between customer and client?  
  98. Explain the consequences of formal and informal communication
  99. What is an entrepreneur association 

On birthday Party of Miss Devika. 
Photo: K Devika (Sr. Manager), Savi Setia (Manager), Renu Sharma (Founder)

On office Tour - Riding on Harley Davidson
Photo: Savi Setia with Renu Sharma (Founder)

Savi Setia with Sumit Ojha, Renu Sharma, and Devika K.