What is the importance of controlling in life?

What is the importance of controlling in life?

Life is full of work and responsibilities where we work and do mistakes and improve according to that. so the most important thing in life is to control the mistakes and problems it can be in many terms according to the work and position of a person. making mistake is common but controlling is necessary part some of the importance are discussed below: 

1. Minimises Wastage: Control helps to reduce the wastage of human, material and financial resources. This increases the profits of the organisation.

2. Ensures optimum utilisation of resources: Control helps the organisation to make optimum utilisation of the available resources. This also increases the profit of the organisation.

3. Helps to fix responsibility: Control helps to fix responsibility of a particular job on a particular person or a particular department. So, if there are any mistakes then a particular person or a particular department will be held responsible for it.

4. Control motivates employees: In control, the employees’ performances are evaluated regularly. Those who show good performances are rewarded by giving them promotions, cash prizes, etc. This motivates the employees to work hard, and it also improves their morale.

5. Control facilitates Co-ordination: Control facilitates co-ordination between the different departments of the organisation. Whenever, there are any deviations, different departments come together to take collective and corrective steps.


So you must control all your schedule and activities doesn’t matter in which sector or stage of life you are just balance yourself and maintain your life properly.

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