HR Managers is a “Asset or Liability” for the business?

HR Managers is a “Asset or Liability” for the business?

An HR manager is the most important element for any business who maintain the human resource of the organization and focus to make the output more productive. HR manager is engaged with several responsibilities such as checking the requirement of employees, hire them, cooperate with them and maintain a business relation with them.basically HR manager is considered as an asset for the organization but sometimes it depends on some things which can make them lability also, that are: 

                ASSET                 LAIBILITY
1.Cooperative behavior, maintain good connection with every employee. 1.Is not able to cooperate and connect with each and every employee.


2.Good communication skills. 2.Poor communication skill.
3. Give all concentration to work and show efforts for working. 3. Give very less concentration to work and do not show efforts for working.
4. If he gives productive results. 4. If the output is declining day by day.
5. They maintain fuller utilization of resources human as well as others. 5. They are incorporative for using all resources properly.


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