How you can grow in Fashion Design Business with help of Instagram?

How you can grow in Fashion Design Business with help of Instagram?
After Facebook and twitter, Instagram is another social media within short time get popular. At present, everyone totally known that Instagram is a top social media platform to promote a clothing brands, shoes, apparel and fashion. In Worldwide Instagram have 400 million active users till 2015 with over 75million daily users, this states that Over 20% of the internet users use Instagram.

Some Instagram users are usually interested in new lifestyle, photos, memes, fashion and having fun with going live. if you want to build a loyal customers then engage them properly by attractive promotion.

#1  Maintain a Standard profile 
On instagram or any social media, you must create a standard profile. You need to think deep and unique about your cover images, avatar and brief description about your brand. Everywhere use links to your website or clothing stores in the bio. This will attract more Insta users and increase followers to your profile.

#2  Use More hashtags
when you post something use some witty, fun titles, brief description and also a some amount of related hashtags. Make sure that your brand should found by your targets users. Also add brand specific hash tags for each of your photos, videos on Instagram, you may tempt them to use your brand specific hashtags or you can force them to do it.

#3  Tell Everyone your Brand Story
Make sure to Align your brand story and communities with whatever you post on your Instagram account. Insta profile must be visible to public users and associate with hipster lifestyle or give philosophy with your brand then your posts get good shape with have hipster element.

#4  Thank your Followers
Every week or anytime updates your posts with mentioning or thanking your top followers. Identify your followers who are already most engaged with your brand and announce them. you can follow back them and like or comment on their posts wherever appropriate.

#5 Giveaway contests
If you want to get some popularity in your brand on Instagram and then you get high returns on Investment. Giveaway some gift cards or coupon or allow discounts to your customers. Run some online contests that can be used on online store. This will help you to attract more users and develop your store.

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