How to Revamp your website for more sales

How to Revamp your website for more sales
There are so many easiest way for most people to increase sales from website, is to increase conversions. If you create more value for your customers, you will get more sales. To increase your success you must make adding value to your website a top priority. This information towards marketing. The tips below are based on  case studies that have shown increases in sale :-

  • Add more value by adding more pages to your site: this is about creating a “whats new page” or a “FAQ” page to increase your customer service and people will appreciate the new helpful information.
  • Add new products: you need to be add new to your present products to increase your sales. No one can buy from you more than once if you only have one product. This can also attract more customers if you write more material that wasn’t in the first book, or if you write about a different topic in your niche market.
  • Add audio: This can be great selling point on your website. Adding audio creates a greater connection between you and your customers. The more they feel safe buying from you, the more often they will buy your product. Audio is also good because your customers are more likely to stop and listen to your audio then they are to read a sales letter.
  • Improve current content: add values to your present information to generate more sales.extending your topic range will create more of a market and that means welcoming more customers. When you add more content you may want to have an idea in mind for a sequence.
  • Test contrasting versions of your site: the actual way to figure out exactly what a website set-up is best is to make different versions, and test them out. Keep the one that makes the most sales.
  • Add more text to your sales letter: so your customer gets more bang for their reading time. Don’t forget to mention what your product can do for them and all the great things that are included.
  • Make it easy to navigate: It’s upto ensure that your visitors and potential customers have an enjoyable experience , so they can focus on what you can do to help them. If you make your website gauche, slow or really hard to navigate, then people will just go somewhere else. So, make sure it easy to navigate for customers.
  • Clear call to action: this is a function that actually allows the customer to take you up on your offer, or to take the course of action that you would like them to take.

Author: K Devika

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