How to prevent online fraud?

How to prevent online fraud?

Nowadays everyone is technology savvy every work is being done with the help of technology and online but as every coin has its two sides in same way online fraud is the other side of technology. So being safe is must for every online business and online deal the ways to prevent online fraud are:

  1. Keep financial date separate with other details do not put it socially that anyone can misuse it.
  2. Don’t share your personal details online because you never know who is going to watch it and misuse it.
  3. Keep changing your passwords time to time that may be you have shared it with anyone they also can not use it again and log it out from every device.
  4. Do security check time to time because it will help you to know who is using it and on how many devices it is being operated.
  5. Do not ignore alerts if you receive messages related to security.
  6. Use high quality devices such as ‘apple devices’ because it provides the maximum security.
  7. Do not use insecure internet or wi-fi from others devices otherwise anyone can easily hack your device and can misuse it.
  8. Do not link your personal or financial detail with other accounts if one account get hacked than all account can be hacked and misused by anyone.
  9. Do not trust fake sites and do not put your any kind of details to be safe always.
  10. Search online for issues and technical errors if you feel like anyone is going to target you or stalking you than you must check the security things on google or other searching browsers.

These are the most easiest way to help you or to save you from the online fraud and it will keep you safe and secure from fake transactions and other viruses and hackers too.


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