How to prevent Online Fraud and Identity Theft?

How to prevent Online Fraud and Identity Theft?
To prevent the online Fraud and identity theft you must follow below steps:

#1. Secure your Passwords: create different and remembrance passwords for each online account. Use Online password manager to protect it. Mostly the passwords secured by contain at least 8 characters and a combinations of letters, symbols and numbers. Don’t make passwords related with your birth date or phone numbers.

#2. Try to Use Cash Everywhere: Credit and Debit card information can easily being stolen. So, mostly prefer to use cash system for any transactions.

#3. Avoid Unsolicited Callers: Although there are some valid business who sell their products through phone calls and some are not. They can call you and request you to purchase their product and your personal details. Without knowing them you can’t afford to give your information.

#4. Secure your WiFi at home: Use secure encryption on your home network. Don’t connect WiFi with other devices, it can easily hacked.

#5. Don’t open Links: When someone sends you links on your device, don’t click on it. If an email is distrustful then don’t click any links. Before click on links, run a full scan with your Antivirus software.

#6. Install antivirus software: Use a firewall and antivirus software to set these up for automatic scans do consistently keep your devices clean and secure from viruses and other problems.

#7. Use an Identity Protection Service: Life Lock and Identity Guard provides services like constant monitoring and keep you protected when your identity is compromised.

#8. Frequently check bank accounts: Check your Bank accounts Frequently, so that more often you check your accounts, the more likely you can spot fraud activity quickly.

#9. For Accessing Sensitive Information don’t use Public Network: Don’t rush for public network to check your private information. Get secure network before checking your bank accounts or accessing sensitive information.

#10. Delete Wary emails: When you get one such type of Suspicious email, immediately delete it from your devices.

So, do everything to protect your personal Information from hackers and be aware from Online fraud.

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